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Laura Winterling - "Space-Training"

Laura Winterling - Communication Styles "Failure is NOT an Option"

Learning from the best - communication style under stressful conditions.
Questions which will be addressed:

•    What is 'good' communication?
•    What are the basics of 'good' communication?
•    3 key principles of 'good' communication?

Examples taken from mission control centers, how they set up and operate. And looking at astronauts on board the space station: 'very' remote working and how those two connect to foster a successful work environment.

Feedback & Debriefing

Questions addressed:

•    The impersonalisation of communication
•    clear thinking - clear communication
•    Differences between criticising and giving feedback
•    How to ask the right questions to get the right answers

Insights drawn from Astronaut Training Sessions and Astronaut Mission Support Techniques.

Personality Structures - Mission to Mars

Interactive personality test for everybody to participate in.

•    Self-reflection
•    Team role definitions
•    Self-awareness

Anfragen für individuelle Einzel- und Team-Coachings, Seminare und Online-Workshops rund um das Thema: Mission to Mars.
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Laura Winterling beim schwerelosen Astronauten-Training.